I'll watch you choke on a hearts you break

Hi.Im Lucija, 17 years old and i made tumblr only for fun.I hope you will enjoy in my posts and photos :)


Here are my ladies around 23 days into flower. At this point you can clearly see trichomes on and around the bud sites. Also at this point vegetative growth and “the stretch” period of growth has slowed down, and now the plants grow mostly by stacking leaves on top of leaves at the bud sites. For cannabis, these smaller leaves that make up the buds are known as calyxes, while the larger leaves are usually referred to as fan leaves or shade leaves. The plants will continue to stack calyxes to fill up the space between internodes on the stem and in 2 of the pictures you can see this process taking place.

Finally, I added one picture I took with a microscope that shows the trichomes on a pistil up close.

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